What's Next?

Technical Goals: While all of the steps described under "The Idea" seem feasible, there is still a great deal of work left to do to show that each step in the process will work as described (or in some alternative way, to be determined in the course of development), all of which will be necessary for an overall "proof of concept". Once the validity of each step in the process can be demonstrated individually, the next task will be tying them all together under an automated, high-level executive program, which will present a non-technical operator with an accessible user interface which is easy to learn. Finally, if the integrated instrument is to be of use, it will need to be deployed, by means of distribution and training programs, into the populations that it is intended to benefit. Each step of this process will require more involvement of people and organizations with more diverse skills and resources. As of now, HemeVision consists of just one person, and although I can do much of the early feasibility and "proof of concept" work, I also know that for this concept to have any success, it will eventually need to be supported by others, with experience and resources well beyond my own. 

Business Goals: While HemeVision is not yet a nonprofit (501(c)3) corporation, it is intended to become one, since this will make the achievement of its intended goals much more likely. This will also require resources beyond those presently available, in order to meet the requirements for establishing a nonprofit corporation. An alternative possibility would be incorporating this project into an existing nonprofit corporation which would be interested in the same goals. Either possibility would further the goal of obtaining the necessary financial and organizational support which will be necessary for it to succeed in its ultimate goals. While I have started the processes of developing the business structure and supporting relationships which will be needed to achieve this, a great deal of work remains to be done in this area, as well.